Our Private Swimming Pool,


The pool is heated, hooray!

Ideal for swimmers of all ages in all seasons. It has a state of the art hydrofloor which adjusts in height allowing the depth of the water to be adapted for any age group making it ideal for small children as well as grown ups.

The hire of the swimming pool for swimming sessions includes the full use of the gym, steam room (adults only), bathroom and shower facilities.

Life guard options are available.


For swimming and parties combined visit out Party page to see what we have on offer.  You can select both indoor and outdoor options along with choices in hot, cold or BBQ food.

Swimming Pool

Drop in with friends
£50/1 ½ hours
  • Includes pool, gym and steam room
  • Price for up to 5 people
  • Available all week
Contact us for booking

Swimming parties

Birthday swimming parties make for a great fun event.

Visit the Party page
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